Roustabout offers bi-annual Spring Conservatory Classes where we discover the secrets of creating an unforgettable performance and build a personalized technique for each student as they harness those discoveries.


Acting class every week – Try out different techniques that can be used in performance and auditions. Discover the secret engine of every scene – and how to make it work for you. Learn how to turn direction into a playable moment. Find out how to manipulate circumstances to spark your imagination and elevate your work on stage.

Dance class every week — With special emphasis on core techniques that actors need for musical theater roles – including “How to use the mirror in dance class” and “The secrets of learning choreo fast!”

Voice class — Discover your voice! Explore its best placement, range and emotional coloring. Find the ways your voice can release emotion and also create it.


“What’s it like after college?” – Real-life discussions with Roustabout alums as they give us the details about what it’s like to pursue a career in acting today.